I did not believe
All those fairy tales
All those miracles
Creator or the creation!!

Ever since I knew
You would come in my life
I spent Every day of mine
Thinking  Imagining
Everything about you!!

How would you look?
How would you speak?
Anxious, worried
Would you like me like I do?
Would you hold my hand?
Would you understand me like I do?

I feel your presence every second
My heart races with you on mind
As I look out to the stars
I am now as sure as their existence
You will be part of my life forever
I will love you and leave you never!!

And when I saw you in my arms
All that wait was worthwhile
All that pain never mattered
You are the miracle I witnessed
A fairy touching my life
I thank the Creator for Creating me
For you were Born with a part of me!!



An Evening in the cab – tryin to bounce back!

It’s been a while I wrote anything.  The last was a poem for a friend as a birthday gift. I have a list of topics I’ve been procrastinating writing on. Every time I pick them, either I’m not in the frame of mind or I find a distraction.

Even now I’m Clueless about what to write, but I want to get started again with something. So, here I am sitting in my cab on the way back home blurting out whatever comes in my head.
I’ll go ahead with one of my favourite things about the city I live in -weather.  I know I must have mentioned about it in my posts earlier,  but I can’t help! If there’s one thing that every Bangalorean loves, it’s the climate .
It has rained a few min ago and the roads look neatly washed.  I see a dull orange light evident on the trees and buildings.  The setting sun must be a view not to miss.  The air is cooler  and of course polluted. Still I like to roll down that window and feel the cold air  against my face. It’s beginning to overcast -blanketing the sky  making the roads look more brighter in the city lights .


Oh, the small two towers you see? That’s  Bengaluru’s version of Petronas .. haha..
It’s an apartment building called “Sterling”.
After witnessing the real monster beauty this looks like a joke. I’ll try to post a good picture of that next time.


Sigh!  All I dread for now is a hot cup of Masala Chai and My Mom-to have a girl time with her, like best friends #strongwish. Laugh on silly things that happens in life, bitch about others, talk about Men, make that shopping list, discuss those new sarees and who’s got new jewels #mymomsfav .. duh!

#Back to reality. Going home to nothing! Making myself that tea or maybe not, sit and watch out the window waiting for the rains!!


“LOVE IN TEN SENTENCES” | Mother, an Enigma!

“LOVE IN TEN SENTENCES” . This was really a challenge for me, coz usually I can’t write anything in brief. I go on and on and on….
This is the first time I have tried to write within boundaries. Hope it has worked out. I thank Upen and Amrit for nominating me for this challenge.

You are an enigma,
I will never understand!
You are the strength,
All hurdles you Withstand!
You understand all unsaid,
Even When never said!
Patience to the peak
Brave as a lionesses!
I love you, mother,
Unconditionally,  irrevocably,  helplessly, forever!!!

It’s not Me, it’s YOU! !


That first magical moment,
World around me went silent,
I felt my heart melt!
When I held you in my arms,
I was born again,  but not as Me !

Seeing your eyes twinkling ,
I hear wind chimes in my heart tinkling!
Seeing your godly innocent smile,
I will want to live for a while!
I see you looking at me,
I want to be a better Me!
Looking back at my journey,
Now I know, you were my destiny!
thinking of all the questions I had,
Now I know, I hold the answer in my arms!

You Made me, Me ,
I see in you, a part of Me,
And I know,  I won’t be Me,
Without my permission, 
I am not Me, Not anymore!
It isn’t about Me anymore,
It is YOU, it is all about YOU!!

You don’t know what you mean to me,
I don’t know how I deserve you!!
You are a boon from above,
You are the light of my life,
My purpose to live,
My reason to breathe,
My definition of ‘world’!

It’s not about ME, It’s all about YOU !!