A Dance in the Dark !!


That white glob in the sky
Masked by a veil transparent
Lighting himself clam and bright
Coloring the mask setting it alight
Moon shines bright in the dark night!

Pleasing the eyes
Swaying to the rhythm of breeze
On the dark dance floor
Embellished by glittering stars
They move along playing hide and seek!

As the cloud becomes a vamper
Disguising herself in different shapes
Caressing the moon
Gliding along spreading her flare
Moon becomes a masquerader
Fading a bit, smiling in her embrace!

As the Wind plays a soft music
Stars make the chandeliers
Universe be the audience
To the eternal love
So surreal yet beautiful !


An evening in the cab 2 -Flowers in the night!

It’s 9.09 PM on a Tuesday. It was a long day. Although I didn’t do much at work, it was tiring. Last couple of days have been a little stressful   I guess I still haven’t recovered from that.
I had the office cab that starts at 10 PM, but I took a private cab an hour early. Despite my Boss asking me to leave early I was a bit stubborn to sit back and work- mostly coz of the guilt that I haven’t really worked anything today – not that it helped #rollingeyes.
I ended up reading a single line more than 3 times! #duh.

The cab I had booked arrived in 7min. Letting my hair open, leaning back in the Etios Liva with a descent leg space (kinda very imp, specially when you are tired and want to stretch ur legs) watching those florescent street lamps coloring the night a warm sepia, the usual traffic not bothering me, I didn’t want the journey to end.  I just wanted the driver to keep driving wherever the road takes.


As the cab stopped at a traffic signal, my eyes fell on a tree to my right. It had unusual maroon flowers with yellow in the middle. Looked very beautiful (damn my phone camera! )It looked like velvet and I thought,  I cross that Signal twice everyday but I never had seen that.  The tree was actually in the park on the road side.  A huge branch was perched on the road which had its own branches, it’s as big as a tree itself. I  then realised I had never seen the fence either. It’s a silly thing  but it made me think.


It was almost like this! Almost!

Then I started to ponder, how much of the natural obvious things do we miss in life coz of our so called very-busy-routine. Things, emotions,  feelings, happiness, thoughts, inside, outside and within.  How much am I missing?  How many lives have I touched today just by existing?
Our brains usually are so preoccupied, that sometimes maybe most of the times we miss the obvious. Always thinking,  running, always planning, trying to be in control, in pursuit of something.

It’s a race against time!

I’m not complaining. I know it’s ‘only one life’ funda. At the same time I think it’s important to slow down a bit once in a while coz it is ‘Only One Life’! !

Caves n Coffees – KL

Have you seen this ???


Of course many of you may have, but have you seen this???


I bet you may have, but not captured it! No? 😛 🙂  that’s how he looks from behind! 😉 you welcome! 

Batu caves  in KL is one of the major tourist attractions. Smiling face of the god Aiyappa or Shanmugha standing calm on a high raised platform amid the beauty of caves behind, the view is amazing.  But what is not, is STORE no 10. I will come to that later.

It was late afternoon when we reached the place.  Our cab driver was very kind and determined  to write – in a reluctant , non- writing  pen- a map to the nearest train station that would help us get back to our hotel.  We thanked him and kept that small chit with  invisible map on it. In front of us was a great view , trees in dark green spread over huge solid hills in the background almost like a back drop and the ceiling was dark grey , the beauty was of the yellow gold idol of God Aiyappa standing tall and graceful.  



 As you start to walk, there is an arch -as any other Indian temple- that invites you at the entrance; ahead of us were steep steps painted in red and white, the rails were in bright yellow that stood out from a distance. Half way through to the steps to the left lies ” Dark Caves” . I was all excited to know what might be inside the dark caves . We paid 30 ringgits (or so, I guess) each and we had to wait for the next batch to get in. There were 4 other people waiting just like us to get into the dark caves. We had a wait for about 10 min before a girl in  an yellow safety helmet and big black framed glasses that looked huge to her small white face – came to us . She handed each of us a small torch and a helmet.

After a brief introduction we finally walked into the caves. It was dark alright. But you don’t believe what we saw there!

COCKROACHS (rolling eyes) yeah, I know ! Some 2 kinds of spiders, bats- lot of bats actually , centipede, and a bat eating species of snake which she claimed exists there but cannot be spotted. Anyway, she also showed the pictures of all those animals, every now and then she would show huge lime structures accumulated over hundreds of years . In between all this when we were almost in the middle of the cave-it was pitch dark without our torch lights – we were standing on a small bridge when she asked all of us to switch off our torches. She  started to speak in the dark “this is what you paid for right? Dark caves. These  animals live here with no light, can you imagine being in a place like this for years? How is the darkness?” she repeatedly stressed on “this is what you paid for” a couple of times. Which made total sense to me when we walked out of the dark caves.
Batu Caves got the name from the lime formations , Batu means Lime in the local language – Malay/Bahasa.

Once you come out from the dark caves there is another fleet of steps waiting for you. I did not count how many, but definitely enough to burn your calories. There are a couple of temples out of which 2 are big ones . We sat there near the temple for some time and soon were hungry.


We checked for a coffee shop, a guy from the souvenir shop told us we will get some coffee in store 10. There we were Store 10 ! Coffee looked like coffee, but I think they added coffee powder by mistake in a  sugar syrup. Trust me when I say- It was the worse coffee ever.
No no wait.. I think second worst! The one that topped was at a place called  “Pece LeLe LeLa”  on the way to Port Dickson.



I don’t know what it means but it sounds very funny though. I’m not sure why they even had a shop in the first place. There was absolutely nothing but this most-pathetic-coffee-in-the-world and 2 fish items. Although the menu at the counter had at  least 30 items all were marked in red. That is the no.1 Worst coffee in KL.
Next time you are in KL you know where NOT to try coffee. I’ll tell you where to have instead.
The best one was from a Coffee shop called Coffee Bean only next to this other place called Harvest. I am not sure if I have written about it. If I have not already,I know what I am writing next! 🙂

You can find some of my other experiences in KL here.

These are some random pics from Batu Caves.







I want a new world!!


I want  a new world
Where my never ending wishes
Never have to end!

I need wings so I can fly with a bird
Want to see a blooming bud
Flow with gushing river
Give a bear hug to the lush green forest
And Kiss the sunset in the ocean wave crest!

I want a night that doesn’t end soon
Sleep on the descending moon
Jump on the clouds, fall on a sand dune
As I walk on the rainbow
Ride on a shooting star
Where there is no need to sleep
No reason to weep!

I want to get lost in the ocean blue
Imbue myself in all the blue hues
Swim with sea horses, dance with dolphins
Decorate  my world with corals
Let Every living thing speaks its heart
Share all the love, keep the bridges apart!

I want to love everything , no reason
For Nature is Infinite  beauty all season
Where there are is no judgment no decision
I dare to live all this word by word
Coz,  Its my world
Where my never ending wishes
Never have to end!

Immense Immortal!!


You are so Vast
So Deep yet so Still
You are so Blue
So Green yet so Colorful
You are so Menacing
So Blissful yet so Calm
You are so Powerful
So Serene yet so Fragile!

No one knows your heart, your deep  secrets
No one can measure your patience, describe your beauty
You are so marvelous , delight to the eyes
Such a kind ravishing beauty
Your Waves plays an un-composed music
That brings joy, happiness and peace!

I was in your lap
Riding the soft waves you would throw,
You played along, rocking me up and down
like a mother would do
I never could imagine the joy
The ecstasy I felt  in your arms
when you surrounded me !

I felt so powerful
Yet very negligible
I felt so peaceful
Yet very anxious!

Do you smile at us
when we claim you are ours?
Do you laugh out loud when
we claim to conquer you?
How silly of us mortals!

You are much more than just water
A Menacing Disguised killer
A Caring Protective Mother
The epitome of beauty
An immense immortal!

You can find more about my experience with this immortal beauty here. Drop by , your thoughts are always welcome  🙂 

10 sec in the middle of the Ocean! – KL

Port Dickson, or PD to locals, is a beach (okay, you can laugh! *rolling eyes* ) and holiday destination situated about 90 km from Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the state of Negeri Sembilan in Peninsular Malaysia. It takes just over an hour by car to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson along the North-South Expressway. But, it took longer for me because of the unbelievable traffic that day.

I have seen a couple of beaches in India, but this one – called Pavilion- was a lot different in many ways.


The color of the water changed from hues of Greenish – aqua to blue.  It started with a very light shade of greenish-aqua at the  shore and continued in the same shade for about a 100 – 150 m and then clearly differentiated to a darker shade of aqua that looked Blue. There were hardly any waves in there. Even at the shore the waves were small and gentle. They wouldn’t come to jump up high and slap the shore, these looked like a  thin line of  tiny ballet dancers in white,  gracefully dancing and moving in a same rhythm and just disappear as they finish the song.
These waves are nothing like the ones I saw in Marina beach (in Chennai, Tamilnadu state of India) that steals the sand beneath your feet making you go inches shorter in one blow, they are absolutely unpredictable and very dangerous. The depth of the shore as you go in to the ocean is not steady. The water could be your knee high and suddenly you may feel the water  level raise till your waist. I am not kidding guys, there have been many deaths reported and still reporting because of this disguised beauty. But, the waves in this beach weren’t anything like the harsh ones, these would tickle your feet and flatter themselves beneath you. The sand was white and gets a little slippery as you walk into the water. since the water was clear and not many waves, you can easily see where you are going till certain point. The depth gradually increases, no sudden surprises so you can actually walk into the water without fear.

And I was in for another one of my first-time-experiences. JET SKI. 😛 🙂
After a  lot of la- la conversations the guys at the beach agreed for a 40 min ride for 200RM (ringgits ) . After 20 min of being a pillion rider, it was my turn to ride the waves.
As I said, it was my first time.
P.S : I don’t know to swim  🙂  ha ha

So, I took the rider seat. The instructor came and showed me the power on- off, accelerate  controls, no breaks! This was fun.  My friend said ” just go slow for a min or two, till you get the hold of it. ”
I obeyed.  I picked up after sometime. It was so much fun  riding on the waves. It was like riding a  Bike just that I had a liquid surface to ride on.  And in the middle  of the ocean I cut the throttle (not exactly in the middle , well u get what I mean 🙂 )  I am a sucker for water . I loved how the big ocean stretched as far as my line of sight and pretend to meet the sky at the seam, Blue over Blue. <3<3

It was 10 seconds of silence. The rocking waves beneath the Water bike, shallow breaths , ever so brightly burning ball of fire over the sky (damn! I did get tanned :@) and an immensely vast blue stretched as far as I could see. It was peaceful and very soothing. (It was more than that, I'm failing to express that in words)


I am not sure what I was thinking in that moment. Maybe nothing! I wanted to take in all the positive energy the nature was offering, closing my eyes I felt the rays warming my eyelids. I took a deep breathe in, and it was soon time to return to the shore and to the chaos of the mortal world!
The inevitable!  But, more than the experience of riding the ocean waves, I will cherish that silence of 10 secs!

I have made an effort to put my thoughts in a Poem.
Lemme know what you think 🙂

The Wait!

As the bright rays egress from the East
I wake up from my sleep
Yawning and stretching
Opening my eyes gently
I can feel his rays warming my body!

As He keeps getting brighter
He thinks I am stronger
I feel my body getting pierced
The now burning sun beamed!

I look for her in vain
But she shows me no sign
My heart feels heavier
I give up , I burn
I know she will come, We will meet
I look up, ready to greet
My heart skips a beat
Clouds are getting darker
and there’s thunder!

I open my arms facing the sky
She comes down ever so gently
Her every touch is a bliss
She drenches me with her kiss
I surrender to her completely
Spreading Happiness  unconditionally!

Everyone looks at my beauty, smiles at me
I beam at them with her on me
As I feel more lighter
She lingers on me shining brighter
Oh, I am the Rose, she’s the Drizzle!