I have dreams
 Each of vivid colours
 Each of different size
 Emotions, People, Feelings
 keep popping and Bursting
 Mind you...
 I'm not scared...
 I keep dreaming.. ...
 More Mightier and more colours!!

The Wait!

As the bright rays egress from the East
I wake up from my sleep
Yawning and stretching
Opening my eyes gently
I can feel his rays warming my body!

As He keeps getting brighter
He thinks I am stronger
I feel my body getting pierced
The now burning sun beamed!

I look for her in vain
But she shows me no sign
My heart feels heavier
I give up , I burn
I know she will come, We will meet
I look up, ready to greet
My heart skips a beat
Clouds are getting darker
and there’s thunder!

I open my arms facing the sky
She comes down ever so gently
Her every touch is a bliss
She drenches me with her kiss
I surrender to her completely
Spreading Happiness  unconditionally!

Everyone looks at my beauty, smiles at me
I beam at them with her on me
As I feel more lighter
She lingers on me shining brighter
Oh, I am the Rose, she’s the Drizzle!


When it Rains!!


When it rains , It reminds me of you
I want to hold your hand and walk in the drizzle
But, you are so far away!!
When it rains , it reminds me of my childhood
The time when I drenched like a cat,
And my mom blamed the rain!!
When it rains, it makes me feel blessed
And Thank for what I have in life,
For giving me chance to exist amid the kind nature!!
When it rains, I feel overwhelmed
It makes me forget the world for a while
And pull me into the reverie of memories I get lost in !!

Rhythm of rain!!


When it rains, my soul celebrates,
As if drops from the skies
Washing away my worries
Just along with my make up!

As if the pure droplets
Are making me pure
Wounds finding their cure!

My soul dances within,
Uniting in the celebration,
As the grey sky veils the earth,
Soothing her down,  calming her wrath!!

For happiness of pure bliss sinks in,
My eyes close on their own,
Lips curving at the corners,
As I smile from within,
Surrendering myself to the bliss
The child in me resurrects!!

Losing myself,  forgetting everything else,
I feel like the wind,  lighter in all sense,
I go back to my younger self,
To hell with the world,
To hell with worries,
To hell with all judging eyes!

This is my moment of love
Love with nature,
And I embrace it with open arms
Marveled at nature’s charms,
My soul dances again
To the rhythm of rain! !