Mine, Yours!!!

My Problems are Mine

Your Problems are Ours

We try to find answers

Find that balance in your life

Endurance is a cheater

It fails me all the time!

My Dreams are Mine

Your Dreams are Ours

We strive to make them real

While I fight to keep mine alive

Compromise is a Cheater

For it fails me every time!

My Efforts are inessential

Yours are significant

I must be patient

For I bear the loss

Patience is a cheater

It fails me all the time!

You do the sacrifices

I be the selfish

All your concerns are screamed

While mine fail to find their voice

Silence is a cheater

For it fails me every time!

All those cheaters help me

In the journey of your success

I fail and forget over and over

For your life has you

While mine has Us!

For you are mine

and I am Yours!!



An evening in the cab 2 -Flowers in the night!

It’s 9.09 PM on a Tuesday. It was a long day. Although I didn’t do much at work, it was tiring. Last couple of days have been a little stressful   I guess I still haven’t recovered from that.
I had the office cab that starts at 10 PM, but I took a private cab an hour early. Despite my Boss asking me to leave early I was a bit stubborn to sit back and work- mostly coz of the guilt that I haven’t really worked anything today – not that it helped #rollingeyes.
I ended up reading a single line more than 3 times! #duh.

The cab I had booked arrived in 7min. Letting my hair open, leaning back in the Etios Liva with a descent leg space (kinda very imp, specially when you are tired and want to stretch ur legs) watching those florescent street lamps coloring the night a warm sepia, the usual traffic not bothering me, I didn’t want the journey to end.  I just wanted the driver to keep driving wherever the road takes.


As the cab stopped at a traffic signal, my eyes fell on a tree to my right. It had unusual maroon flowers with yellow in the middle. Looked very beautiful (damn my phone camera! )It looked like velvet and I thought,  I cross that Signal twice everyday but I never had seen that.  The tree was actually in the park on the road side.  A huge branch was perched on the road which had its own branches, it’s as big as a tree itself. I  then realised I had never seen the fence either. It’s a silly thing  but it made me think.


It was almost like this! Almost!

Then I started to ponder, how much of the natural obvious things do we miss in life coz of our so called very-busy-routine. Things, emotions,  feelings, happiness, thoughts, inside, outside and within.  How much am I missing?  How many lives have I touched today just by existing?
Our brains usually are so preoccupied, that sometimes maybe most of the times we miss the obvious. Always thinking,  running, always planning, trying to be in control, in pursuit of something.

It’s a race against time!

I’m not complaining. I know it’s ‘only one life’ funda. At the same time I think it’s important to slow down a bit once in a while coz it is ‘Only One Life’! !

An Evening in the cab – tryin to bounce back!

It’s been a while I wrote anything.  The last was a poem for a friend as a birthday gift. I have a list of topics I’ve been procrastinating writing on. Every time I pick them, either I’m not in the frame of mind or I find a distraction.

Even now I’m Clueless about what to write, but I want to get started again with something. So, here I am sitting in my cab on the way back home blurting out whatever comes in my head.
I’ll go ahead with one of my favourite things about the city I live in -weather.  I know I must have mentioned about it in my posts earlier,  but I can’t help! If there’s one thing that every Bangalorean loves, it’s the climate .
It has rained a few min ago and the roads look neatly washed.  I see a dull orange light evident on the trees and buildings.  The setting sun must be a view not to miss.  The air is cooler  and of course polluted. Still I like to roll down that window and feel the cold air  against my face. It’s beginning to overcast -blanketing the sky  making the roads look more brighter in the city lights .


Oh, the small two towers you see? That’s  Bengaluru’s version of Petronas .. haha..
It’s an apartment building called “Sterling”.
After witnessing the real monster beauty this looks like a joke. I’ll try to post a good picture of that next time.


Sigh!  All I dread for now is a hot cup of Masala Chai and My Mom-to have a girl time with her, like best friends #strongwish. Laugh on silly things that happens in life, bitch about others, talk about Men, make that shopping list, discuss those new sarees and who’s got new jewels #mymomsfav .. duh!

#Back to reality. Going home to nothing! Making myself that tea or maybe not, sit and watch out the window waiting for the rains!!


Without You!

Can we pretend to be strangers
Start the start from the beginning
Let’s write a new book
Filling Every page with dreams and desires
You once promised me
You’ll be there for me!

Life is a vicious circle
World is most cynical
I wanted you beside me
To fight the demons
You opted out
Chucking everything I ever gave you!

I begged your pardon
You didn’t bother to turn
wallowing in remorse
I’m hurt and torn
Now, Open your eyes
and watch me burn!

I’m lost in the world
Don’t bother finding
My dreams are shattered
Don’t bother picking
Just keep your eyes open
And watch me burn!

I have given up hopes
Burning my dreams with me
But, I will not grave them
For I will soon be back
Shine from my own ashes
Start a new start
With my own self and
The memories you gave me
Just without you!


In my heart you rule!


I pour my heart out
Not sparing a feeling
You read all my heart
But felt no touch
I bared it all
You least bothered
I gave it all
You stamped on it
Open your heart
Let me peep
I want to see
What is that you seek
Oh my love
Give me a chance
Let me touch your soul
Turn back and see
In my heart you rule!!

Let me be!!


Don’t hold me tight
When I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
When I want to climb!

My thoughts are high
Beyond the sky
My dreams are big
Beyond your reach!

My thoughts become words
They want to flow out
And reach the world!
I scream out loud
Throwing my voice to the cloud
No one hears,  I get no response!

I see nothing around,  nothing but dark
I realise,  I am buried
Deep in the abyss
Deep in the dark, with no light
But I have hope!

I see the silhouettes moving around me
Stripping me through their stares
Every glare piercing my soul
Like thousand needles
My blood boils, my soul bleeds!

I want to scream
Tell them all my dream
Don’t bare my body
Bare my feelings
Don’t strip my clothes
Strip my thoughts
For my beauty lies within my soul
Not in my flesh and skin!

Don’t hold me tight
I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
I can climb high!
I don’t want your empathy
I don’t want your mercy
Set me free, let me be!!