Desert Rose!!


I saw you walking in the dim light
As the handsome silhouette became bright
Covered in dust and dirt
Eyes playing absolute flirt
I fell for you at first sight
Blushing to the racing heart!!

You were from a world unknown
Unknown to my world that is barren
Where You see no green no rain
And To you I seem alien
For I am away from sumptuousness
In a hot abandoned land of emptiness
Far away from your fancy world!!

I was a Crippled seeking  for stars
For there is no history of love
Of my kind in where I live
As I was lost in thoughts
Wondering your existence in my world
Here I stood gazing you dazed!!

You were the truth hard to believe
Wearing your heart on your sleeve
You walked like a king making me your slave
The lust in your eyes profound
Breath stuck in my gut
I am lost and not found!!

Your lips playing crooked smile
As you placed them on mine
Sending chills down my spine
Intoxicated you were in love
Drenched in my  scent
Soaked in my beauty
We Moonanced till the sun rise
Just me and you in the universe!!

Pecking my lips, Caressing my face
Soon you walked away with grace
Heel of your footprints is what I faced
For the rest of the night rest of the days
My heart says you will return
to that reunion I will wait
I am your desert rose
waiting for that blissful night !!

Note: Don’t search for Moonance in the dictionary you will not find it 😜
This is a BRAND NEW Word Coined by my friend.
“Moon+Romance = Moonance ” 🙂 😆 😉

PS : Thank you for introducing “Moonance” to the world  🙂


The Wait!

As the bright rays egress from the East
I wake up from my sleep
Yawning and stretching
Opening my eyes gently
I can feel his rays warming my body!

As He keeps getting brighter
He thinks I am stronger
I feel my body getting pierced
The now burning sun beamed!

I look for her in vain
But she shows me no sign
My heart feels heavier
I give up , I burn
I know she will come, We will meet
I look up, ready to greet
My heart skips a beat
Clouds are getting darker
and there’s thunder!

I open my arms facing the sky
She comes down ever so gently
Her every touch is a bliss
She drenches me with her kiss
I surrender to her completely
Spreading Happiness  unconditionally!

Everyone looks at my beauty, smiles at me
I beam at them with her on me
As I feel more lighter
She lingers on me shining brighter
Oh, I am the Rose, she’s the Drizzle!