Let me be!!


Don’t hold me tight
When I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
When I want to climb!

My thoughts are high
Beyond the sky
My dreams are big
Beyond your reach!

My thoughts become words
They want to flow out
And reach the world!
I scream out loud
Throwing my voice to the cloud
No one hears,  I get no response!

I see nothing around,  nothing but dark
I realise,  I am buried
Deep in the abyss
Deep in the dark, with no light
But I have hope!

I see the silhouettes moving around me
Stripping me through their stares
Every glare piercing my soul
Like thousand needles
My blood boils, my soul bleeds!

I want to scream
Tell them all my dream
Don’t bare my body
Bare my feelings
Don’t strip my clothes
Strip my thoughts
For my beauty lies within my soul
Not in my flesh and skin!

Don’t hold me tight
I want to fly!
Don’t pull me down
I can climb high!
I don’t want your empathy
I don’t want your mercy
Set me free, let me be!!


For the rest of my Mornings!!!

As the morning sun pours his rays
Through the dense dark in all ways,
Spreading the first light of the day
Dipping all the leaves in a golden glow,
Hugging every tree with a warmth,
Kissing every flower good morning,

As the Birds open their feathers,
Shaking off the sleep,
Waking up to the light,
To feed the family taking the flight
Chirping their way to the dawn,

As I open my eyes with a smile,
Turning to my side I see your face,
See your beautiful eyes closed
Your face so calm, so composed
Hearing you breathe deep
Your lovely lips parted,
As you soundly sleep!

As I think of what I want,
Drawing you close,
Hugging you tight,
Kissing your eyes,
Is a good morning I want!
For the rest of my mornings,
Even on my last one!!

@work !

“Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to Experience”!!
I want to think ahead of tasks in hand.  But, I just seem to fail at the attempts,  or sometimes  I just go blank. I can’t think.
My boss (he doesn’t prefer calling him so.. I still do 😛 ) thinks 10 step ahead.  what impresses me is that,  he thinks of those 10 future points for all the 10 tasks in hand in a second.
Phew!  I wanna do that. .
As I started,  unfortunately I’ll have to learn from experience or learn from HIS experiences. Even then it’s hard to even get close to thoughts of that level. 
I’ll try!!

Am I ??

The sound of chirping birds makes me happy,

The waves that slaps the shore makes me laugh more,

The changing color of twilight makes me smile ,

The river that flow brings me tranquility,

Am I complicated? Am I stupid?

 A smile on an innocent face melts my heart,

Teary eyes in a wrinkled face breaks my heart,

Watching the helpless struggle makes me break down,

I make mistakes, I make them again,

Am I emotional? Am I silly?

A Warm hug makes me feel safe,

A soft kiss makes me feel loved,

A pat on my back makes me proud,

Every step I take makes me confident,

Am I selfish? Am I arrogant?

 Stop judging me!

Coz, I’m free, I’m just me!!